Fight Compliance

Factory-standard cars are expected to have some deal of comfort and not a great deal of driving precision. So when we race them, they are rather slow, sometimes unpredictable, and difficult to set up.

For serious suspension performance, it is necessary to modify the suspension to use harder bushings and/or replace all bushings with rigid links with rod ends. The rod ends provide the necessary torsion while maintaining geometry control. The difficulty lies in the fact that the vast majority of rod ends in the market have an undesirable 'give', damaging your geometry under load, and resulting in an unprecise steering. This is true even on the most expensive models from Korea or Japan.

Steering ComplianceThis example shows the steering under stress. The conventional rod end, having a noticeable gap, will give you an uncontrollable toe in or out.

Compliance Under Braking ConditionsThis is a usual macpherson front suspension, such as the one on small RWD cars, under heavy braking. The conventional rod end, holding the caster, gives up. This affects your geometry.

Both situations can be minimized by using Struttower rod ends. Our rod ends are made not to have any gap and to not move anywhere but rotate and angle. The difference is noticeable on the steering and on the lap times. And to ensure they stay like new for longer even on dirty conditions, we also provide rubber boots to protect the rod ends from dirt and mud.