Male Rod End M12x1.75 Kit with Rod Ends, Nuts and Boots
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Male Rod End M12x1.75 Kit with Rod Ends, Nuts and Boots

Save over 10% with this kit. This is the usual solution for adjustable caster links on Japanese cars, but it has uses on many different suspension set ups. This kit includes:

Rod End Specifications

  • Racing grade
  • Very low compliance
  • Chrome molybdenum heat treated body
  • Hard chrome plated steel ball, precision grounding
  • Maximum static radial load 48 kN

Half Nut Specifications

  • Being half of the thickness, allows the rod ends to be screwed further into the link bar
  • CNC machined mild steel
  • Bright zinc plated for corrosion protection

Rubber Boot Specifications

  • Thick Neoprene rubber
  • Using the boot allows packing the rod end with grease
  • Protect the rod end from corrosion, salt, dust and grime
  • Does not interfere with the ball movement

Rubber Boot Installation

  • Place boot in warm water before starting
  • Add lubrication (grease or WD40)
  • Insert the threaded section of the rod end through one of the big holes, then through the small hole
  • Gently pull the boot over head